Pixels Camp

Quizshow challenges

REMINDER: You submit your answers via git commits so if haven't already


You should get a GitHub email notifying you the repo was created. The repo will be

The flow is: checkout the challenge branch -> edit the answer file and write your answer there -> commit -> push -> wait for the quizmaster to check your answer -> if it's correct checks will pass -> if not try harder

What is overtime ? You didn't get to the end but we don't want your hard work to go to waste so submit an answer with how far you got for some points.

And what is the Amazing Pixels Camp Quizshow you ask ?

Well, 16 teams go on stage to answer general knowledge questions (general in a broad sense). Only one comes out with with the title of top geek. You can see a past edition on a eeeerrrmmmm, similar event, here.